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2006 Oct. 25new

ACM Interactions Magazine

Z-agon was introduced on a column "Ubiquitous Japan" by Lars Erik Holmquist in ACM Interactions Magazine.

2006 April 25

CHI 2006 alt.chi

We are going to present browser functions of Z-agon at CHI 2006 alt.chi session at Montreal, Quebec, Canada..

2005 Nov. 22 - 23

SFC Open Research Forum 2005

Z-map and Z-maze are introduced at Keio SFC ORF '05.

2005 Nov. 1st

AXIS Magazine

Z-agon is introduced on "AXIS Magazine" (Japan) Vol. 118


K Magazine (Russia)

Z-agon is introduced on "K Magazine" of Afisha Publishing(Russia).


The Aiso Prize

Takashi Matsumoto awarded Keio Dr. Aiso Prize for his master's work.

2005.Sep 11-14

Ubicomp 2005 Poster

"Z-agon/QR-QB" was introduced at Ubicomp 2005 Poster.

2005.Aug 03-04

Siggraph 2005 Poster

We are going to introduce "LED-Matrix Z-agon" at Siggraph 2005.

2005 6

EPFL CAIF Workshop

Takashi attended to EPFL CRAFT CAIF Workshop in Swiss.

2005 Spring

Z-agon Project "Start"

4th-gen Z-agon members.
T. Matsumoto, J. Ueda, S. Nakashima, D. Horiguchi

2004 Nov. 23 & 24

Open Reserch Forum 2004

SFC Open Research Forum 2004 was held at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.
LED Matrix Z-agon have been displayed at the "Mono Meets Media" booth of Okude Lab.

2004 Sep. 7 to10

Ubicomp 2004 (Video)

We introduced Z-agon Movie at an international conference Ubicomp 2004 (Video Session) in Nottingham, England.

"Cubic Display Device“Z-agon”"
Junya Ueda, Takashi Matsumoto, Naohito Okude, Hideki Sugiyama, Hiromi Ogaki

2004 Jun. 30

3D Image Conference

We had a poster presentation at 3D Image Conference 2004 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Cubic Display Device "Z-agon” - User Interaction Coordinated by Turning Interface- "
T. Matsumoto, H. Sugiyama, J Ueda, H Ogaki, N Okude.

2004 April

Matrix-LED Z-agon

LED Matrix Z-agon ver0.1 is assembled.
Produced by ma22n for Z-agon Project.

2004 Feb. 28 & 29

Keio SFC Graduate Exhibition 2004

We introduced Z-agon at Keio SFC Graduate Exhibition 2004 at Akarenga in Yokohama.

2004 Jan. 27

Scenario Based Modeling:SAINT2004 IWCTS 2004

We publied an academic paper introducing applications of Okude Laboratory for IWCTS2004 Workshop in IEEE SAINT2004 conference in Harumi, Tokyo.

"Smart-Media applications created by scenario based modeling"
T. Matsumoto, Y. Wada, M. Norimatsu, N. Okude

2004 January

Z-agon Movie

Concept Movie "Z-agon Movie ver.1.0" dropped.
Produced by Junya Ueda for Z-agon Project.

2003 Nov. 20 & 21

Open Reserch Forum 2003

SFC Open Research Forum 2003 was held at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.
We introduced Z-agon at the booth of Okude Laboratory "Designing Smart Life".

2003 September

Z-agon Project "Session"

3rd-gen Z-agon members.

T. Matsumoto, H. Sugiyama, J. Ueda, H. Ogaki

2003 Sep. 25


Graduate ThesisZ-agon Project(by Matsumoto) awarded SFC AWARD 2003.

2003 Jun.17

Zagon Patent

We applied a patent for the operation of cubic display by KEIO Interectual Property Centor.

2003 April

Communication Media RG "Zagon"

2nd-gen Zagon members.

T. Matsumoto, M. Goto, K. Uchida, K. Nishikawa

2002 September

Zagon Project Started

Team Z-agon formed as a Next Generation Moving Image Research Group at Okude Laboratory, Keio University SFC.

T. Kamada, Y. Kamoshita, T. Matsumoto, M. Goto