Kamo-C recieve a videomail

Multi-Displayed Video mail

You can receive video mails on Z-agon. The newly coming message can be shown on the bottom face of the cube to avoid getting in the way of your work. Even if you put Z-agon up side down, the device would recognize the rotation and automatically corrects itself by algorithm.


3D-Scrolling Game

A character moves through one display to another one, scrolling up and down, left and right on the multidisplay of Z-agon.
Hidden stages and bonus stages will be appeared on a face of behind.

built in camera

Built-in Camera

In a communicational use of Z-agon, this design assumes to take a picture with built-in cameras and to share these contents via network. Now we are doing technological surveys to realize this concept.



Z-map uses advantages of multi-display and a tangible interface for map contents. Three axes of cubic rotations are applied to all operations. User can scroll maps and change lacations and scales of maps by turns, and can compare different information on a cubed multi-display of Z-agon.



This content is for a development of basic functions of game contents of Z-agon. Using a built-in gravity sensor for the turning interface, the ball runs around mazes drown on a display. Using consecutiveness of six faces, all mazes on the Z-agon surface are connected. Background color changes everytime a user solves one face.



QR-QB (pronounced as QR-Cube) is a cubic 2D-Barcode content designed by Tanaka Lab.
This content was a collaboration project with Tanaka Lab.

See the detail on a Ubicomp '05 poster and The QR-QB Website by Tanaka Lab.