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Z-agon is researched in a field of Human Computer Interaction. The design is descended from Ubiquitous computing [1] and Tangible Interface [2].
Z-agon enable users to interact with many digital informations in a physical manner.

Recently, digital gadgets such as iPods, Nintendo, PSP and high-end cellar phones are popular in the global market.
User needs are heading to new experiences on an interactive contents.
However, many interface is still has discomforts because of the old interface metaphors.
Now we designed Z-agon as a multi-media computer which has the interface and interactive contents packed into one physical shape.
Z-agon will be a solution for a new media experience.

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[1] M. Weiser, The Computer for the Twenty-First Century, Scientific American, pp. 94-10, September 1991
[2] H. Ishii and B. Ullmar, Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms, Proceedings of CHI ’97, ACM Press, New York, pp22-27. 1997.