The Z-agon project have been introduced some academic papers.

[1] T. Matsumoto, D. Horiguchi, S. Nakashima, N. Okude, Z-agon: mobile multi-display browser cube, CHI '06 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, pp.351-356 [ACM DL]

[2] T. Matsumoto, H. Tanaka, N. Okude, QR-QB and Z-agon: An Integration of A 2D-barcode Cube and A Cubic Display Device, Ubicomp 2005 - Poster P-19, Ubicomp 2005. [pdf]

[3] T. Matsumoto, Z-agon: Integrated Design of ACubic Display Device, A Master's Thesis for Graduate School of Media and Governance, Media Design Program, Keio University, September 2005. (in Japanese)

[4] T. Matsumoto and N. Okude, LED-Matrix Z-agon: The Tangible Multi-Display Cube and Algorithm, Siggraph 2005 Poster - Interaction Session, Siggraph 2005 [link]

[5] J. Ueda, T. Matsumoto and N. Okude, Cubic Display Device “Z-agon”: a movie to design Z-agon, Adjunct Proceedings of Ubicomp 2004 - Videos, Ubicomp, 2004. [pdf] [link]
See "Video" for the attached video.

[6] T. Matsumoto, H. Sugiyama, J. Ueda, H. Ogaki and N. Okude, Cubic Display Device "Z-agon": User Interaction Coordinated by the Turning Interface, Proceedings of 3D-Image Conference 2004, 3D-Image Conference, pp.209-212, 2004. [pdf] [link](in Japanese)

[7] T. Matsumoto, Y. Wada., M. Norimatsu and N. Okude, Smart Media Applications Created By Scenario Based Modeling, Proceeding of IEEE SAINT2004 IWCTS 2004, The IEEE Computer Society, pp.473−479, 2004. [link]

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